the intimacy of scrutiny

5 February – 27 March 2022

Counihan Gallery

Curated by Josephine Mead & Zoë Bastin

‘Mig Dann: The Intimacy of Scrutiny’ was a survey exhibition by artist Mig Dann at Counihan Gallery. The exhibition was curated by Josephine Mead and Zoë Bastin. Spanning sculpture, film and installation, the ‘Intimacy of Scrutiny’ delved into experiences of childhood trauma, feminist practice and queer culture. The exhibition was a testament to Dann’s lived experience. In the 1970s, Dann worked in the avant-garde art scene and popular music industry within New York’s counterculture. In the 1980s she was involved in photographic research and interviews with survivors of the 1930s art world in Paris. By reflecting on the past, Dann explores the politics and poetics of time, memory and identity within the present.

Photographic documentation by Lucy Foster.

This exhibition was possible thanks to generous support from Yarra City Arts.

Withholding, 2022, digital image on fabric panels, 140 x 350 cm.