• Doctor of Philosophy, School of Art, RMIT University, Melbourne.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), Honours (First Class), Sculpture, Sound and Spatial Practice, RMIT University, Melbourne.



  • Writing in the Expanded Field: Touching, Feeling, Writing, Volume IV, Between Yore’s Self and Mine, performance and digital publication, ACCA, Melbourne, November 2022, February 2023.

  • Archives of Feeling: Trauma, Knowledge, Empathy, Love is in the bag, T-collective, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, September-December.

  • Agent Bodies, RMIT Gallery and Capitol Theatre, Melbourne; screening of Just Breathe, June.

  • Just Breathe, Magdalen Laundry, Abbotsford Convent, Collingwood, Melbourne (solo), June.

  • No Holding Back: A Dialogue Between Four Artists, T-collective, Assembly Point, Creative Melbourne, Southbank, Everything of which I was once conscious but have now forgotten, swift-flow + depth, March-April.

  • Even More Beautiful IRL, Incinerator Gallery, Moonee Ponds; gone, The Colour of Time (Sous Entendu), April and CASPA, Castlemaine, November

  • Yarra City Arts Grant, for the Just Breathe exhibition and publication of Mig Dann: The Intimacy of Scrutiny.

  • The Intimacy of Scrutiny, Counihan Gallery, Brunswick, Melbourne (solo), February-March.


  • City of Melbourne Arts Grant, for the production of Just Breathe, the film.

  • Just Breathe, Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Exhibition Space (solo), April.


  • The new (ab)normal, The past comes back to haunt, RMIT Gallery, June-August (online).

  • Future Histories, Midsumma, Hatch Contemporary Art Space, Doppelgangster, Everything of which I was once conscious but have now forgotten, Language of dreams, Ivanhoe, January-February.

  • T-collective, King’s ARI, Melbourne, March (cancelled).


  • Bauhaus Now, Lantern parade, Buxton Contemporary, Melbourne, July-October.

  • The distance., NightSky / I remember, St. Heliers Gallery, Abbotsford Convent, June.


  • One Night Only Project, The Colour of Time (video), Black Cat Gallery, Collingwood, July.

  • The Colour of Time / I Remember …, BroadCAST Microsite, RMIT, Melbourne (solo) March–April.

  • Looking forward looking back (not dead yet), Maldon Art Network, Castlemaine Arts Festival, March.


  • From Nature, Looking down looking up, Gasworks Art Park, South Melbourne, November.

  • Lothlorien (reclaimed), private commission, Marysville, Victoria.

  • Dis/location III, Maldon Sculpture Walk, Castlemaine Arts Festival, March.


  • Sehnsucht, Commission for Skulpturenpark Wesenberg, Mecklenburg, Germany, June-ongoing.

  • Residency, Skulpturenpark Wesenberg, Mecklenburg, Germany, June–August.



  • Performing Dress Lab: Costume in Focus, RMIT Melbourne, University of the Arts, London, and Aalto University, Helsinki (online), Video presentation of  research, Just Breathe

  • Critical Autoethnography Conference, Creative Agency Research Lab (online) Paper: Little Alleluias: bubbles aren’t meant to last


  • Deakin University, ‘Body of Knowledge’. Paper: The insights of encounter: exploring memory and trauma through the intersection of creative practice and psychological enquiry.



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  • Writing in the Expanded Field: Touching, Feeling, Writing, Volume IV, ‘Between Yore’s self and Mine’, digital publication, ACCA, Melbourne, February.


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  • TRACTION series, Prime, from a suite of conversation videos as an online public program for Blindside Gallery, Melbourne.